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Contractual Document Casestudy

Casestudy of a commercial contractual document

About This Case

Our client was a local business who had recently been caught out by a customer who refused to pay their invoice in full. They came to us asking us to draft water tight terms and conditions of sale document.
Commercial Law Contracts
Time FrameUnder 1 Month

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Our client needed the terms and conditions document to be finalised quickly as they had a number of sales in the pipeline that they wanted the terms to be in place for. 

Our Process

1. Initial Consultation

At the initial consultation we went through in depth what our client’s business was, what their needs were, what risks they encountered during their sales process and therefore what terms and conditions would be needed to protect their business.

2. Drafting

With this information we drafted a full terms and conditions document.  We met our client to go through this draft, to ascertain if any amendments were required.

3. Final draft

After making any necessary amendments a final draft was made.  With our client we set out in plain English what the terms each meant and the impact of those terms. 


A terms and conditions of sale document was provided to our client that fully protected their interests in all future sales through their business. 

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