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Debt Collection Case study

Chasing a debt case study

About This Case

Our client was owed a five figure sum from a customer in respect of goods they supplied. Despite the monies being owed for over 1 year, the debt was still unpaid. The client had written to the client, rang them, attended at their offices but to no avail. They then came to us.
Civil LitigationDebt Collection
Timeframe 4 Months

We have significant experience in debt collection for clients and use all tools at our disposal to seek the payment of unpaid bills.  This includes serving solicitors letter of claim, serving statutory demands, issuing civil proceedings and initiating bankruptcy, winding up proceedings and enforcement of judgment office applications.  


S G Murphy Solicitors are highly experienced at undertaking successful bankruptcy and winding-up cases.  Contact us now on 029 90 36 5595 to book an appointment with a specialised solicitor Belfast now.   

Our Process

1. Initial Free Consultation

Our client met with an expert solicitor for an initial consultation.  A full statement was taken of the details of the debt and debtor.  Initial advices were provided.  

2. Letter of claim

We started the process by setting out in detail our client’s claim and threatening the defendant with court proceedings unless they paid the debt.  Defendant replied with an alleged defence.  

3. Issue proceedings

It was clear the defence was not strong.  Therefore high court proceedings for the full value of the debt plus interest was issued.  

4. Settlement

Once proceedings were issued, the defendant instructed their own solicitor who made contact with our office to settle the case.  


We successfully obtained the monies due to our client from a non-paying customer and the defendant also had to pay our costs meaning our client was not out of pocket.  Our client’s only regret was that they had not come to us earlier.  

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