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Land Dispute Litigation Casestudy

Land dispute Case study - Land Law
land dispute

About This Case

Our client was involved in a land dispute with a next door neighbour. They disagreed over who owned a narrow piece of land between their properties.
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Our client’s land had been in their ownership for generations.  The disputed land was used by our client but the other party also alleged that they used it as well.  

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Land disputes always bring a set of challenges.  Emotions normally run high and conclusive evidence can be difficult to gather.  This case was no different.  What started off as a typical land dispute case, evolved into one involving allegations by both parties of harassment and intimidation.

Our Process

1. Initial Consultation

Met with client for initial consultation to gain an understanding of the dispute and the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s case.  Followed up with an inspection of the disputed location. 

2. Evidence gathering

To prove our client’s case we needed to carry out a significant amount of evidence gathering.  This included collating title deeds, historical ordnance survey maps and photographs and witness statements etc.

3. Issue proceedings

Proceedings were issued against the defendant, who in turn responded with a counterclaim.

4. Discussions

Ongoing discussions took place.  Both parties were adamant they would not make any concessions.  To move matters forward we set the case down for hearing.  Following a second consultation a settlement was found.


Once the case was set down for hearing this put pressure on the defendant to come to the settlement table, this was due to the very real risk in regard to costs.  A settlement was found after the second consultation where the defendant agreed that our client was the rightful owner of the disputed land and an accommodation was found in regard to costs. 

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