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Legal Aid Casestudy

Applying for Legal Aid Casestudy

About This Case

Our client attended at our office to start a personal injury claim. Due to her financial circumstances she could not afford to pay for the costs of bringing a claim. We advised her therefore that a legal aid application could be made on her behalf.
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Legal Aid if granted will pay for your legal costs, meaning you do not have to worry about being hit with a large bill at the conclusion of your case.  It is not available in all cases though, the legal aid department assess both the merits of your claim and your financial circumstances before making any award of legal aid.  

It is essential therefore that you choose a solicitor who has experience in making legal aid applications.

S G Murphy Legal Aid Solicitors are highly experienced at preparing successful legal aid applications.  Contact us now on 029 90 36 5595 to book your Free consultation and speak to us about obtaining legal aid for your case.   

Our Process

1. Initial Free Consultation

At our initial consultation, we discussed with the client her personal injury claim and how and whether a legal aid application should be made.  

2. Preparing application

To prepare the legal aid application we had to obtain certain documents and information, such as bank account statements.  

3. Application lodged

Once we obtained all information and documentation we lodged the application for legal aid.  

4. Application granted

After our application was processed, a decision was made to grant our client’s legal aid application.  


Our client’s legal aid application was successfully granted, allowing her to be confident in instructing us to issue court proceedings on her behalf.  The risk and worry of having to pay a substantial sum of money on costs if her case was not successful was removed.  

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