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Personal Injury Casestudy

Man compensated for Accident at Work

Accident at work Casestudy

Our client in this case was injured from an accident at work, which was caused by his employer's failure to provide correct training and safety equipment. The injuries he suffered, forced him to take time off work, causing him loss of earnings.
Personal Injury Claim Negligence and breach of statutory duty
Time Frame9 Months

We act for numerous personal injury clients in cases from accidents at work claims to road traffic claims to accidents in a public place.  We bring a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge to our personal injury cases to ensure our client gets the compensation that they deserve. SG Murphy are one of the best medical solicitors Belfast.

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The defendant employer alleged that our client actually injured himself whilst at the Gym the day before the date of accident.  The defendant through their legal representatives made it clear they would strenuously defend the claim.  

Our Process

1. Initial consultation

The client attended for a free consultation, where we went through in detail the facts of his case, gave advice on the strengths and risks in his claim and the steps to be taken.

2. Preparing the case

We gathered medical evidence on behalf of our client to prove the injuries he sustained and to obtain expert opinion on how those injuries were caused.  In addition we took detailed statements from witnesses who could give evidence of the accident.  

3. Issue proceedings

With the defendant indicating they would strenuously defend the case and not prepared to make a pre proceedings offer, we drafted, issued and served a High court Writ on the defendant. 

4. Settlement

Following service of proceedings, we entered in to negotiations with the defendant, which culminated with a joint consultation.  Following vigorous discussions and offer and counter offer, the defendant made an offer of settlement that was acceptable.   


Despite a vigorous defence being raised by the defendant, following our representations and the evidence we put forward on behalf of our client, they agreed to enter into negotiations.  Leading to an acceptable offer being made to include our client’s costs, which our client was very happy to accept.

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