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If you have been affected by the mass data breach by the PSNI you may be eligible for a compensation claim if you have suffered loss or distress.
Individuals can bring a claim for a breach of data protection where the data breached is sensitive personal data and the individual has suffered due to that breach.  It is clear that the mass release of data by the PSNI includes very sensitive data and the breach was extremely serious. 

What compensation may you be entitled to?

Whether you are entitled to compensation and how much compensation you may be entitled to depends on a number of factors, including the seriousness of the data breach and how the breach has affected you.
If you have suffered due to the breach then you may be entitled to compensation and the level of compensation will depend on how much you have suffered or lost.

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What are the next steps?

To take the next steps and see if you may be eligible for a claim in respect of the mass breach of  private data by the PSNI, contact our expert PSNI Data Protection lawyers on 028 90 36 5595 or by email to law@sgmurphysolicitors.com , to arrange a confidential free consultation.  
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